" Improving the lives of rural communities "
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Based Disaster Risk Reduction (CBDRR)

The goal of the project: To contribute to enhanced resilience of rural communities through reduced disaster risks and improved mitigation of hazard impacts in the province of Banteay Manchey, Cambodia To contribute to enhanced resilience of rural communities through reduced disaster risks and improved mitigation of hazard impacts in the province of Banteay Manchey, Cambodia.
The objectives of the project: Increased capacity of communities and key stakeholders in target areas to prepare for and respond to natural hazards, which contributes to their reduced vulnerability towards multiple risks.
The main activities: 
(1) Risk awareness and enhancing participatory Community Action Planning processes to respond to CCA / DRR risks, and developing DRR multi-risk map of each communities. 
2) Building CC/DRR-capacities of local structures: establishment of Village DRR Committees, with engagement of Community Based Organizations, Village Development Committee, Self Help Groups (e.g. rice banks group, saving groups, vegetable group, cow bank group….etc. ) and other community stakeholders including representatives of vulnerable groups, teachers, health centers etc,
3) Strengthening linkages to local governments from village level to district level and fostering dialogue to bring local experience and needs on the political agenda, in addition to integration of community action plan issues into village, commune and district level plans. 
(4) Implementation of high quality DRR actions at the community level, building on existing knowledge and with the support of other stakeholders to increase resilience of communities and the development and implementation of water resource management plans will complement DRR community action plans in 8 water stressed communities. Water interventions will also be implemented jointly with 2 communes to improve water governance in relation to DRR.
(5). Implementing NGO’s organisational and technical DRR capacity in DRR has been strengthened.
This project will have a multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder approach, focusing primarily on building resilience at a community level, and aligning community action plans with local government plans to mobilise support and sustainability. These established relationships will be built on and further strengthened through engagement of village, commune and district authorities within DRR assessments, planning and implementation.

The project period: 3years (from 2014 to 2017).
Funding: The Caritas Switzerland. 

This project target areas: 15 villages in 3 communes (Teuk Chor, Teamkam, Tapho) of 2 districts (Svay Check and Preah Net Preah) in Banteay Meanchey (estimated 4,500 beneficiaries).